Jeep Rear View Mirror Charms - Pirates Life for ME!

Jeep Rear View Mirror Charms - Pirates Life for ME!

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Rear view mirror bling for your jeep.

Each one is made by hand and each has assorted charms. The paracord hanger can be made in many colors. The grills can be painted in any color to match your jeep. This bling is themed, this one is called its a Pirates Life for ME!!!!!! The grills are hand painted just like the key fob grills so your grill may not look like this will be similar but not exact. 

The paracord hanger has a clip on it so it can easily be removed.

***** In some states its illegal to hang anything from your mirror. Please check with the laws of your state and please be aware that you can be pulled over for hanging something from your rear view mirror no matter how awesome it is.******

I can also make these with a clip on the end to clip onto your purse or backpack. Please specify if you would like Bling for your purse or backpack instead. 

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