Women And The Jeeps They Love

Women who love Jeeps make up a unique subculture within the culture of Jeep enthusiasts that are part of a larger group or culture of 4x4 enthusiasts. These women are like-minded, embrace new people and love to explore. They drive Jeeps of all types: stock, slightly modified, semi-modified and even extremely-modified. They are a diverse group with a common set of characteristics that bonds them together and to the Jeep culture.

Jeep women share many of these attributes:

Loyal: A Jeep girl will stay with you for the long term.

Wife material: if your girlfriend is a Jeep girl get a ring on that finger quickly.

Independent: Jeep girls don't need a man to fix their Jeeps. They do it themselves.

Outspoken (usually): a typical Jeep girl doesn’t worry about upsetting people with her opinion. If they think they're right...they're right!

Confident: Whether they're behind the wheel or just relaxing, Jeep girls exude confidence, and they'll let you know about it!

Strong minded: Others do not easily influence jeep girls.

Determined: when a Jeep girl says she is going to do something she does it. She never gives up!

Boundless fun: Jeep girls light up any room. They are often the life of the party.

Charming: beneath her sometimes-harsh exterior (some have a soft exterior) a Jeep girl is a charming lady and seriously attractive.

Smart: Jeep girls aren't airheads. They're smart (they chose Jeeps, didn’t they?), they learn things quickly, and are not easily fooled.

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